July 25, 2020

CEWS has been updated to CEWS 2.0 effective for periods 5 and on. Stay tuned for the updated analysis that will be posted as a separate post. 


Below is updated based on information available on April 21, 2020.


How it works:

  • 75 percent of the first $58,700 normally earned by employees — representing a benefit of up to $847 per week will be covered. ($58,700 X 75% / 52 weeks = $847 per week)

All of us at Pivotal LLP hope you remain healthy and stay safe during these unusual times. Below is a summary for our existing personal tax clients as well as any new clients that need help filing 2019 taxes: 

The Government of Canada recently announced several measures as part of the COVID-19 Economic Response Plan. One of those measures is to defer tax filing and payment deadlines for businesses and individuals. 

Giving is its own reward, but did you know that in Canada, the tax credit you receive for qualified donations may result in a refund of over half the contributed amount?