Pivotal LLP is a progressive accounting firm, rooted in tradition with a forward-thinking outlook.

We take a professional and personalized approach towards our clients and fellow colleagues, while always striving to continually grow both personally as individuals and professionally as an organization. We encourage and challenge our new team members beyond their technical training to gain real world experiences beyond their designation within a very short timeframe. For cooperative students and students who article with us, we look to their future within our firm as leaders both here and in our community.

Mentorship & Training

Our partners understand that to be successful your knowledge needs to be more than technical. We provide you with a well-rounded approach to public practice, learning skills you can take beyond the office setting.

We provide support for our students in a number of ways. These include having a personal mentor and CPA advisor; time off to study and take your exams; a weekly, student-led class to allow you to utilize our expertise for what you need, such as project discussions or mock exams. We encourage your transition from academia into our CPA public accounting practice with a designation that is recognized worldwide.

Student and Mentor