The interview is your time to shine. The following points will ensure you make the best impression:


1. Be early. Nothing makes for a bad impression more than being late, except for maybe having your cell phone ring during the interview.
2. Dress professionally. This is the time to bring out the iron and put on the suit.
3. Be confident. It is okay to be nervous, but you need to be confident. Start with a firm handshake.
4. Know about our firm. If you don’t know about us, then why do you think you would be a good fit? Hint… start with our website.
5. Ask for clarification if you don’t understand the question. One of the key things we are testing for is active listening and communication skills. If you go off track, we won’t reel you back in.
6. Provide personal examples in your responses. General responses won’t cut it. We need to hear examples of how you dealt with the situations we are inquiring about.
7. Come with questions for us.

After a great interview, the last step is for our HR department to contact your references. Make sure you have told them to expect our call.

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